Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that you would... Convict the lost of sin today and give them desire to do something about it. Direct them to someone willing and ready to present the Gospel of Jesus without compromise. Win them through the witness of your children. Lead the lost to a believer with the words of life.

Give me boldness to speak the gospel without compromise. Reveal your gospel through creative means to those who act like they don't want to hear it; Speak to those who hate and let them see Your love as we do. Don't let anyone escape conviction of sin.

Direct their path to someone ready to open the Door. Make the desire of their heart eternal and not momentary. One more day to hear and respond to the gospel. Show someone the way to impact the resistant. Let them feel Your love and that of the Christians around them. Break down their objection to being proven wrong.

Show them the Way and lead them toward the Light. Shine Light on their path. Show them the way out of their darkness. Let them see their true condition. Break down resistance to Your grace. Show them clearly Who they need. Open their eyes to see what they lack. May we be the Jesus the lost need to see today. Send someone to tell the good news today. Keep them from going where there is no hope. Show them what they're not looking for. Fertilize the ground with peace. In Jesus name! Amen