Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that you would, Restore those who are suffering from illness in a way that you receive the glory. Sustain those on his or her sickbed. Heal those suffering with illness in your time and in your way. Keep their spirits high even though sickness has made them feel low. Comfort those suffering from illness. Relieve the pain and suffering of those who are ill today. May all those who are sick desire wellness.

May they not lose sight of wellness. Show them Your solution to what ails them. Use whatever means necessary to heal them. Keep infection away. Turn the fever back and raise the temperature of a grateful spirit within them. Keep them from catching infection from well-meaning visitors. May the Holy Spirit be the antiseptic that keeps them from infection. Reduce their dependence on meds in increase their dependence on You. May doctors treat problems and not symptoms.

Reduce any dependence on drugs. May their spirits be up, not down. Help the helpless through godly counselors. May Your Spirit comfort their fear. Restore the joy of their salvation. May your healing cover their true need. Prevent their over-medication through negligence. Don't allow them to give up hope. Deliver them from self-imposed spiritual illness. May their symptoms be honest. In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen