We are a ministry committed to serve and empower the followers of Jesus, to bring salvation and healing to the ones that don't know Christ and to spread the Gospel like wildfire, rapidly onto all the world.

Our mission is best described by the words of Jesus in Luke 4 and Isaiah 61. We are committed to see the lost, broken-hearted and sick to be healed, delivered and prosperous. He has commanded us to teach, heal, and bring deliverance to the nations.


Mission Wildfire International is dedicated to the proclamation of the Gospel around the world. We seek to "reach the unreached and teach the untaught" as well as minister in churches, bible schools, jails, groups both men's and women's ministry, mentor those whom God has called, teach deliverance in all places of worship to set the captives free with the pure truth of God's Word.

Our vision is to reach the Nations using every type of media and all forms of distribution, regardless of the economic conditions of those in restricted areas of persecution.

To bring the good news that JESUS CHRIST is the Lord, the Word of God is true and alive today, yesterday and forever. We minister to others whether it is a crowd of one or thousands, The Lord is interested in each of us as we are and where we are.