Dear Heavenly Father, Bless me with spiritual discernment and use me to help others. Give me the confidence to speak your Word boldly today. Use me to do your work and allow me to praise your Name once more. Restore my soul, extend my boundaries and bless my ministry. Magnify the work of my hands to bring glory to your Name. Make the desires of my heart be the absolute same as Yours, Father.

Help me to stand when I want to quit. Turn my mistakes into learning experiences. Make a way where I can't see one now. Give me strength and means to continue serving. May depression not find an open door in my house. Sharpen the tools of ministry in my possession. Don't let me give up running the race out of futility. Use me today to do what You desire. Use me to do something extraordinary today.

Open the door where previous failures have seemingly closed them. Give me passion for your Word. Use me anyway you will. Give my blessing to those I serve. Use me this day for extending Your love to someone who doesn't know it. Remind me often today why I serve You. Feed my thirst with streams of Living Water. Use me to do great things of which I know not. Help me be more effective helping others. Use me to accomplish what You desire. Honor to serve Your cause. In Jesus name ! Amen