Dear Heavenly Father, I pray Our citizens recognize the greatest patriot is the one who recognizes Jesus as Lord. Convert our country's patriotism "fever" into a passion for holiness under Your Banner. God bless our country if she blesses and honors your Name. Restore godly principles to our judicial system. Refresh our memory of the spiritual foundation upon which our country was founded. Restore a spirit of humility that comes by realizing we moved away from you, not the other way around. Make righteousness look good to the purveyors of sin.

Restore our pride in our godly heritage. Restore pride in righteousness, not ungodliness. May we see that the Light on a shining hill is Jesus. Give all citizens the holy desire of the Foundering Fathers. Restore honor and integrity to all elements of our nation. May we not be allowed to use Your Name if we fail to honor You.

Keep our eyes on Jesus as we watch out for each other. May they work to remove all legislation that's contradictory to our Constitution. Bless those who have served for our freedom. Give us leaders who pledge allegiance to You. Keep our pride from becoming arrogance. May the Light of your presence fill Your people and influence the destroyers. Restore our reputation for integrity among the nations.

May we desire to correct wrong before doing anything new. Protect those who serve to protect us. Create in us a true spirit of patriotism. Meet their needs to do Your work. Protect our borders from those who intend to harm us. Restore pride in godliness. In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen