Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that you would, Teach me how to be a good friend toward another person today. Help me be a friend to the friendless and faithful to those who befriend me. Help me be a true and loyal friend today. Build a spirit of mutual cooperation between myself and a friend. Teach me how to be a good friend to another person today.

Give me an opportunity to make a new friend today and lead me, Teach us to live reciprocally according to Scripture. Bless those who bless your Name. Create a praying spirit in them. May the Bible be a dominant influence in their life. Bless them who bless You and convict those who don't. Bless those who have influenced me rightly.

Create a joyful spirit in them that can only come from praying. Create a close bond between us that creates trust. Bless their coming and going. Thank you for the positive influence some had on my life. May they be understanding and supportive. May You increase in them as they decrease.

Bless the time they spend with You. Make them strong in Your might. Bless those who love and serve You. Make Your word dominant in them. Teach them to spend more time with You. Bless their going and coming. Guide them by Your WORD. In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen