Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that you would, Give my pastor the courage to shepherd the church as you would in his place. Direct him to lead resolutely, anchored on the rock of uncompromising faith. Give my pastor strength and energy to do Your work in your power. Make our pastor a man of prayer that leads a people of prayer.

Bless my pastor and his family as he watches the flock. Give him desire to only preach what You want to tell us. Give him fresh messages that come directly from You. Give him more time with his family. Direct his paths to find inspiration You provide. Give him courage to do the right thing.

Care for him and let him know of your love today. Protect him from hasty action designed to look holy. Shelter him under Your Everlasting Arms of grace. Bless him and all He does as he trusts in You. Direct him to do the things You desire. May his joy make his praise glorious. Lead them to be praiseworthy and truthful.

May he teach only what You tell him. Use him to bless those to whom he ministers today. Take him where You need him. Keep him, not only preaching prayer, but leading us to do it. Endurance to run the race well. Keep his eyes on what You want. Guide him to preach what your Word does. Show him Your glory so he can show it to us. In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen