Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that you will... Break down every attempt of those seeking to raise revenue through unholy means. Take my city one where truth and liberty are dominant and favoritism has no place. Teach our leaders the "right" way to act.

Give our city strong leaders with strong spiritual wisdom. Guard our leaders from making laws that lead people to sin. Help our leaders take care of business without compromising godly principles. Shine in the dark places of this city to give hope to the fearful. Restore a godly influence through godly leaders. Defeat the effort of the ungodly to remove Your influence. May our city not be an altar to a false god.

Protect us in our homes from drive by violence. Give transients a safe and comfortable place to stay tonight. May our reputation be one that exemplifies righteousness. Protect the employees who work in hazardous condition. May we produce citizens who are grateful and patient. Bless the city workers who serve in bad conditions. May the rule of law be unprejudiced. Surround us with favor among other cities.

Keep wicked thoughts at bay and holy desire ever before them. Repair damaged relationships with adjoining states. Turn back the tide of unrighteousness in us. Protect those who work in adverse conditions to serve us. Give us as much concern for obeying You as in following the law. Protect drivers from dangers from pot holes in the street. Turn back plans that reward wickedness and persecute the innocent. Make sin visible to those who can't see it.Unity in virtue, not sin In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen