Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that you would.. Keep church members out of leadership who work on the basis of their own ability. Give my fellow church members a passion to be clean and reconciled to each other. Make our church a place where Jesus is praised, worship is predominant and open to your leading. Teach us to seek holiness and turn from worldliness. Humble us if we've taken our eyes off you and put them on men and programs. Give our church a real desire for revival. Expose those guilty of destroying Your work. Make our praise consistent with our profession. Make our holy aspiration stronger than our perspiration. Keep us from status quo and from chasing innovation.

Make us as excited about discipleship as we are for evangelism. Forgive us for not asking before we presume on You. Give us discernment to see what You desire. Measure us and trim what is superficial and hypocritical. Give us wisdom as to how to spend Your money.

May our worship be pleasing. Break us but don't let us give up. Teach us humility and convict us of worldliness. Brace us for the coming storm. Give us direction parallel to Yours. Establish and extend the reach of our discipleship Make true discipleship our first priority. Give us more passion for discipleship. Bless us so we can bless others. In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen