Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that you will, Protect my children from trouble unless in so doing you're preparing them to serve you. Lead my children in paths of righteousness and keep them from straying too far. Protect my kids today, but do what's necessary to train them to make decisions based on your Word.

Lead my children to learn a gentler, more teachable spirit. Remind my children of Scripture as they contemplate action today. Grant my children a healthy appetite for your Word. Limit their dependence on things that pass away. Instill in them godly role models. Enlarge their vision to honor You.

Carry them when they can't stand on their own. Replace their fear with with confidence in your Word. Make your Word come alive in their life. Give them a renewed thirst for Scripture. Direct their steps to parallel Your's. May they never feel alone or unloved. Give them pure thoughts.

Break down the snares that might trip them up. Give them a heart for your Word. Lead them where You desire. Give them godly goals. Teach them to listen to your Word. Help them see things as You do. Keep them from making wrong choices today. Remind them of your love for them. Affirm to them Your ownership Sound mind to make godly choices. In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen