Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that you would, teach my kids to stand alone in spite of the influence of ungodly friends. Give my children godly friends who are committed to do what is right in Your eyes. Protect my kids from the bad influence of other kids. Protect my children from "friends" who influence them in the wrong way. Protect my kids from taking advice from ungodly friends. Lead them in the path of righteousness, helping them stand when their friends won't do so. Overshadow their bad influence with godly instructions. May they see Your hand in their life. Give them genuine respect for truth. May they be a good example of virtue. Lead them to a relationship with Jesus. May their influence be a positive one. Keep them from secret sin.

Expose the bad influence to our kids so we don't have to. Make my kids only make a bond with good kids. Win them with random acts of kindness. Make them edifying, not non condemning. Render grace to my kids and others through them. Give them a virtuous best friend. Shine Your light on their steps. Create close bond with those who know You. May their influence be virtuous. Use them to remind my kids of their godly heritage. Build godly character in them. Respect boundaries In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen