AFRICA  2017

Get excited with us! We are going back to Zimbabwe soon! We are working with the logistics for this year's mission trip. It's already looking different, my wife Christina is going too. She will be teaching as well.

We are planning with the Lord for great healing services. We had some exciting news this spring of healing manifested through a prayer cloth we send thorough FEDEX to one of the pastors there. To see more details on that healing story click here

Keep us in your prayers as we make preparations for our next trip. We have many areas that need your financial support. We will need plane fare for two, lodging / food and transportation. Also, for the expenses that bring the healing services. And of course, for the 5 water wells we plan to drill on this trip. The water wells bring a whole village to life and opens great doors for ministry. We bring water, and also the Gospel.

For the water wells, we are still working right now on the locations, site approvals, geology, government approval, set up costing and so forth.

Last year we teamed up with Far and Away Missions to drill the first water well for a whole village. (See some of the photos below). We already received two donations towards the wells for this year. We need your help!

We pray that God moves in the hearts of our family, friends and partners to give and be part of what God is doing through us to help spread the Gospel of hope and bring drinking water to Zimbabwe. Let's make their future bright!

Also, this year we may be teaming up with Far and Away Missions to bring another 50,000 Bibles into the city of Karoi, Zimbabwe. Details coming soon.

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Hundreds of people were saved, healed and received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit last year. This year we expect even more.

Hundreds of people were saved, healed and received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit last year. This year we expect even more.



Last year Mission Wildfire joined with Far and Away Missions in producing a new water well (a bore hole, as they call it in Zimbabwe) in a village approximately 20 kilometers outside the city of Karoi. This year we want to do 5 water wells. We are in the process of securing the locations, logistics (site approval, geology, etc.) , and the governmental procedures.