Yes, there are many types of Angels and occurrences throughout the Bible. First of all they are superhuman messengers of God. As I have learned Angels are mentioned around three hundred times. They are present in the majority of the books of the bible. Angels are created beings, spiritual entities not subject to human flesh. When they appear in our surroundings they could look like humans. Their purpose is to declare the word and the will of God. Some animals can recognize the presence of Angels. They first appeared in Genesis when Adam and Eve were dismissed from the Garden of Eden.

Archangel Michael and Gabriel are the most popular to most of us, however many many Angels have been used by The Lord over many centuries to bring forth safety, guiding, provision and ministering to us as believers. The Bible tells us that God has given us guardian Angels.

There is a complete study on Angelology, multitudes of book on Angels, eyewitnesses are countless in today's time.