This next gift from the Holy Spirit is where you can get into some real heavy, jaw-dropping, knock-your-socks off type of supernatural activity from Him.

Some of the different Bible Dictionaries describe the word miracle as the following:

  • An intervention in the natural universe by God.
  • A phenomena that transcends natural laws.
  • A divine act by which God reveals Himself to people.
  • Good examples of actual miracles from the Bible are the following:
  • Jesus and the apostles healing and casting demons out of people.
  • Jesus turning water into wine at the wedding of Cana.
  • Jesus feeding 5000 people by multiplying 5 loaves of bread and two fish.
  • God parting the Red Sea for Moses and the children of Israel.
  • Daniel not being eaten by the lions in the lion’s den.
  • Peter walking on water.


If you study the Bible very carefully from start to finish, it is literally one miracle after another with both God the Father and Jesus Christ. Our God is a miracle-working God and He still loves to do them for His people.


The Bible says that God does not change, and if both Him and Jesus were constantly doing miracles in both the Old Testament and New Testament, then God will also be wanting to do miracles in our day and age.


And with this specific gift being listed as one of the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit, then you know that God is trying to tell all of us that He still wants to do them, even in the jaded and skeptical times that we are now currently living in.


Again, do not be afraid of this heavy gift from the Lord, and do not quench the Holy Spirit with any lack of faith or belief if He ever wants to try and do one for either you, or for any other people you may be working with.


Remember, the Bible tells us that absolutely nothing is impossible with God, which will include any divine miracle that He will want to perform.